During my time at Fan Expo Canada I was able to snap a few pictures of the insanely talented Matt Smith. It was an amazing experience for me because he was my first Doctor when I started the series Doctor Who. One of the nicest people you could ever meet, wish I could have had a longer conversation with him though.

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REVIEW: Non-Stop

Non-Stop is not the typical Liam Neeson action film we have grown accustom to. It is a high-intensity and clever mystery thriller that benefits from its isolated and close-quartered setting. Liam Neeson is fantastic as a federal air marshal fighting against the clock in a film that makes everyone suspicious. However…

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Perception 3×10 ‘Dirty’: It’s an outrage! It’s a scandal!

Perception 3x10.1

That certainly was unexpected. The summer finale of Perception has come and gone leaving us with more questions than answers. All the unexpected twists and turns we love to hate and hate to love in a finale made us furious to wait until 2015 to learn the fates of our beloved crazy crime-solving family. At least the writers stuck with continuity rather than drama for the sake of drama. Onto “Dirty!” Read the rest at…


Lucy is a high-intensity science fiction spectacle with strong, realistic characters that endure great development through the story. The concept and script are excellently written with sublime special effects and visuals. The film lacks the typical action associated with Luc Besson‘s writing but with the lack of action benefits the strength of the sci-fi concept. However, the story is shown in such an interesting and dynamic way that it doesn’t waste the only measurement worth anything: time.

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Perception 3×09 ‘Silence’: Waves of trouble

Perception 03x09.4

Well that certainly wasn’t the start to the two-part summer finale of Perception that I expected.  When I heard the next two episodes were a two-part finale I anticipated a huge case for our favourite schizophrenic psychology professor to solve with the occasional hallucination along the way. Instead, it seems it will be two separate stories with the only real connection between the two episodes being the arc involving Kate and Donnie (We will get to that later). Read the rest at…