RoboCop is an unoriginal remake of an original sci-fi cult classic that attempts to bring this beloved story into the 21st century with high intensity action and revamped special effects. Wish the film took a riskier approach to reinventing RoboCop, bringing something new to the table with such a great cast.

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SYNOPSIS: Alex Murphy, a Detroit police officer, is critically injured on the job becoming the perfect candidate for OmniCorp’s next project: a part-man, part-robot police officer.


Bits I Loved?

  • The effects, particularly the HUD in RoboCop’s helmet and his suit, were rather good. Brought a beloved sci-fi character from ’80s effects to CGI-greatness.
  • The supporting cast was great and really kept this film afloat. Although some of their characters were very comical into the realm on unbelievable. Oldman‘s role was by far the best of the bunch.
  • Decently shot action sequences showcasing the abilities of RoboCop.

Bits I Hated?

  • It is a very unoriginal and terribly safe remake. It brings nothing new to the table in terms of content.
  • No empathy towards Murphy. Never builds a connection with the audience for us to really feel for his situation.
  • Constant flux between which story is the actual focus of the film. On one side we have Murphy’s revenge plot while on the other we have his struggle to stay human. I believe that the revenge plot should have been the main focus but his inner battle with his grasp on humanity should have really been the reason as to why we felt empathy for him. That storyline never really took hold.

Is It Good?

RoboCop is what we usually expect from a remake: a very safe story that is incredibly similar to the original as to not upset the fans. Although it brings the idea of RoboCop into the 21st century, the film lacks any flare or innovation for a long dormant franchise. Even a star-studded cast could not save these very stereotypical and comical characters from an unfocused story. There is little empathy for the protagonist’s situation with too much focus. I would have liked this remake to have gone outside the box and brought something new to the RoboCop character. Hoped for a film similar to the Dredd remake with grittier action, gore and strife. Not a must-see but for the cast this recycled robot tale is worth a watch.


1 = Fair 2 = Good 3 = Very Good 4 = Excellent

★★★☆ – Premise

★★☆☆ – Story

★★☆☆ – Characters

★★★☆ – Visual Effects

★★☆☆ – Dialogue

★★☆☆ – Visuals

★★☆☆ – Soundtrack

★★★★★★☆☆☆☆  6/10 – Consider

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