Check out all our alphabetical Netflix Original bite-size reviews to see if these movies may fit your binging craving!

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding (2018)                                  4/10

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding is a dismal sequel that fails to rekindle any of the Christmas magic of the original Netflix-Hallmark Holiday hit. While the lead characters are somewhat charming, the change in cast and production paired with the terrible new characters, campy, nonexistent Christmas narrative and cringe-worthy dialogue make for an absurd and awkwardly put together mess. This film uses Netflix’s cheesy Lifetime movie mold, but gets stuck when it needs to expand the idea beyond one film.

The After Party (2018)                                                                         ?/10
Alex Strangelove (2018)                                                                      ?/10
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018)                                              9.5/10

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is an inventive Western dramedy that allows the Coen Brothers to do what they do best. While the format of this film may not be for everyone, the smart, tightly-written stories are beautifully woven together by an immersive world that is filled by some strong, charismatic and cooky characters giving us six of their stories for the price of one. It is the Coen Brothers at their best and proves to be 2018’s most unique film experience.

Bird Box (2018)                                                                                    ?/10
Calibre (2018)                                                                                      ?/10
Candy Jar (2018)                                                                                  ?/10
The Christmas Chronicles (2018)                                                     7.5/10
The Christmas Chronicles is an entertaining, all-ages Holiday adventure that may change your thoughts on the man in red. While the story is cliched and filled with cheesy Holiday moments, the colorful visuals, fun premise and excellent performances, capped by one of the most deeply complex portrayals of Santa Claus, make for a holly jolly good time. It is worth the watch on Kurt Russell alone.
Dumplin’ (2018)                                                                                 6.5/10
Dumplin’ is a strong family dramedy that takes a necessary look at the state of the culture surrounding body image. While the story drags with some underdeveloped characters, the charismatic cast is able to lift them up in a very heartfelt story about family and acceptance. This film is one of the better dramedy stories that Netflix has to offer.
Extinction (2018)                                                                               3.5/10

Extinction is a bland, safe sci-fi that is void of any serious drama or thrills. While the concept looks good on paper, the execution fails to bring anything worthwhile to the table as the messy script, passable CGI and bored performances make for a slow story that easily surrenders and succumbs to its own shortcomings. It had such an interesting premise with a lot of potential in its themes, but became a dull addition to the genre.

The Holiday Calendar (2018)                                                               5/10

The Holiday Calendar is a predictable and plain family film that lacks anything Holiday-centric beyond its premise. While the concept has some unique ideas, the cheesy story is flat and derivative, the acting is sub-par and the film lacks the emotional, feel-good moment that a Christmas movie needs to be rewatchable let alone memorable. This film may not have a great execution, but it gives you everything you expect from a Hallmark holiday story making for a passable snowy day distraction.

How it Ends (2018)                                                                                ?/10
Ibiza (2018)                                                                                           ?/10
Irreplaceable You (2018)                                                                    ?/10
The Kissing Booth (2018)                                                                     ?/10
The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter (2018)                                 3.5/10

The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter is a comedy that finds itself questioning what kind of comedy it wants to be. While it centers on a phenomenal Josh Brolin performance, the story finds itself lacking any genuine comedy, emotion or a consistent tone making this slow, drawn out look at an estranged relationship one that fires blanks. It becomes the next in a long line of films Netflix knows are used as background filler while other tasks are worked on.

Like Father (2018)                                                                             5.5/10

Like Father is a passable dramedy that prefers realism over Hollywood tropes for its familiar family story. While it plays it safe on its comedy and emotional moments, the impressive cast does enough to keep the core story an engaging look at this father-daughter relationship. It has its moments, but ends up feeling like a long Royal Caribbean cruise advert.

Nappily Ever After (2018)                                                                    6/10

Nappily Ever After is a simple coming-of-age story disguised as a romantic comedy that tries to say something about beauty standards. While the story is full of cliches and it fails to dive into its themes, the feel-good message of the film is not completely lost thanks to a strong central performance that carries it past the finish line. It could have been so much more, but unfortunately they just couldn’t find their tone.

The Package (2018)                                                                               ?/10
Polar (2019)                                                                                      7.5/10

Polar is a hyper-violent action thriller that’s brings a fresh take to a trending genre. While some of the characters are unbearable and the story has tone and pacing issues, the beautiful cinematography, engaging fight scenes and unique style all centred around an alluring central performance makes for a bloody good time. It will not be for everyone, but it is a must see for diehard action fans.

The Princess Switch (2018)                                                                 6/10

The Princess Switch is a generic, Netflix-Christmas movie that finds itself lacking in holiday themes, but still brings that holiday spirit. While the story is unoriginal, predictable and filled with overacted performances and generic cinematography, none of this matters as its feel-good tone and cheesy story make for a heartwarming, enjoyable and relaxing time. It is the perfect choice to put on for your kids during a snowy Sunday afternoon, but won’t do much for the older audiences.

Set It Up (2018)                                                                                  7.5/10

Set It Up is a charming, lighthearted rom-com that is able to both live in its nostalgia while reinventing the genre. While the story is formulaic, the smart script, comedic moments and charismatic performances make this story one worth setting up to watch. It gives a voice to a dying genre on a new medium.

Tau (2018)                                                                                             3/10

Tau is an underwhelming sci-fi drama that fails to deliver on its ambitious themes. While the technology is cool and Gary Oldman gives a good performance, the dull characters, low quality CGI and terribly executed story make this film always the second choice when compared to other films that follow a similar concept. It was a bit difficult to get through even with Gary Oldman’s voice guiding the way.

The Titan (2018)                                                                                    2/10

The Titan is a disappointing science fiction drama that misfires on its interesting premise thanks to some poor direction and writing. While it boasts a charismatic lead performance and some sci-fi makeup and music, these elements cannot overcome the truly abysmal journey this narrative takes. It is a space exploration story with no space and nothing is ever really explored.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018)                                          8.5/10

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is a sweet and heartwarming coming of age romantic comedy that tackles one of the biggest fears a teenager can face. While the story is a bit generic, the director’s style, relatable themes, feel-good story and great cast of characters, headlined by its two charismatic leads, make for a surprisingly real look at how brutal high school can really be. It is one of just a few above-average Netflix Originals.

The Week Of (2018)                                                                             4.5/10

The Week Of is a drawn out comedy that never quite hits its mark with its comedic moments or sentimental message. Rather than bring anything new to the wedding genre, it plays these comparisons for cheap laughs and cringe-worthy moments in a terribly paced and repetitive story that makes you question by the end of its long runtime: what did I just watch? It almost feels like a story worth caring about, but then any emotion it builds is lost on outlandish attempts at humour.

When We First Met (2018)                                                                     7/10

When We First Met is a surprisingly entertaining rom-com that uses the overly done Groundhog Day trope in a slightly different way. While the story misses some opportunities and ends on some underdeveloped themes, its performances, engaging comedic story, lack of cliches and feel-good message make this film about rewriting time worth watching in the end. It is a relatable film thanks to some great writing and organic characters that seize the day.