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“Into the Wildfire” starts off with Maya and Jack trying to distract themselves from all of the sad of the funeral while Andy makes sure that Victoria is alright. They are all preparing to be deployed to Los Angeles to help fight their wildfires. They get the vehicles ready as Sullivan gives one last pep talk and they head out to LA. However, Travis is not going as he’s stuck in jail. Thankfully, Pruitt and Ryan bail him out and manage to rope the latter into driving them down to LA to help.

On the road, the two trucks discuss the news of Maya and Jack’s relationship with the women having a little more to say than the men. They are interrupted when they arrive at command center. They are tasked with protecting a neighborhood from the fire pushing into it. Immediately, Dean deals with a man who doesn’t want to leave because his cat ran off. He promises to find the man his cat, but Victoria is a bit less optimistic.

Andy and Maya run into an older couple who ignores the order to leave as they have dealt with multiple big fires in the past. As they try to clear a neighbor’s lawn, a gust of embers hits the roof and causes some fires to spread and the team jumps into action. Meanwhile, Jack is trying to open up about his relationship to Sullivan, but he wants no part of it. Things get worse when the winds blocked the only road in or out of the neighborhood. They are on their own. With Maria (Randee Heller) dealing with an asthma attack, they make their house the base of operations. However, Terry (Patrick Duffy) heads outside and gets his arm caught in a brush cutter causing the situation to go from bad to worse.

During the drive down, Ryan tells Pruitt about the program and how long he will be gone. That sparks Pruitt to show some feelings about him leaving and Travis gets right in the middle of it. They arrive at command centre and Travis instantly starts to help in triage. He makes googly eyes with the firefighter Dylan (Nyle DiMarco) he helped, but learns the man is deaf and feels like he embarrassed himself.

Jack asks Maya why people aren’t as concerned with their situation, but she says there are more pressing matters to deal with. Dean, Ben and Victoria work on stabilizing Terry, but Ben comes to the conclusion that the only way to save him is to amputate his hand. Ben needs to bring his surgeon experience and Medic One book studies to the test in order to save Terry’s life.

However, when they bring him back to the house and he regains consciousness, no one is a fan of this decision and Sullivan tells Ben to stand down. Victoria storms off in frustration with Dean following behind to make sure she’s okay. She breaks down about how the world around her is burning and how she lost Ripley. There is nothing light about life, that is until the man’s cat stumbles into the house and shows them both some much needed good.

Ben contemplates if he made the right choice, but Sullivan makes sure to reassure him that he did. Victoria tends to Terry as he opens up about trying to be strong for his wife and feeling hopeless and unable to help her. They have a heart-to-heart about their mutual fears of the world and its darkness, but Victoria keeps their optimism. Suddenly they hear the sound of rain or hail, but realize that the fire is there.

Back at Command Center, the team is concerned about being unable to get to 19, but decide to keep busy in the meantime. Pruitt goes to grab their badges, but stumbles upon Ryan’s bag of money which he tries to explain. He tells Ryan to get rid of it and not follow in his father’s footsteps. With the fire reaching the neighborhood, Dylan has an exit strategy, but the Incident Commander (Jon Nieves) won’t hear it because he won’t risk his own men. Luckily, some of them aren’t his. They manage to set up a comm link connection and call Maya to tell her of an escape route.

Sullivan and Andy are caught outside when he tries to break down a door and re-injures his knee. They head to the backyard and jump into the pool to avoid the fire. As it roars over the surface of the water, they look at each other and flashback to their relationship over the past season. They manage to avoid the fire, but know that the area is extremely dangerous. As they race away from the backyard, they are found by the team in one of the trucks and they get away to safety.

Terry is given proper treatment at triage while Dean is able to reunite the man with his beloved cat. Andy wishes Ryan a bittersweet farewell on his new adventure. Travis stumbles into Jack signing with Dylan and asks him to put in a good word that ends with them sharing a passionate kiss. As Ryan drives off, he stops to burn his father’s cash, but hesitates and takes the remaining money with him.

With the team back in Seattle, Dean sets up a double date with Jack and Maya so she can finally meet Nikki. When she arrives at the station, they learn that they already know each other. Apparently Nikki and Maya are exes. Meanwhile, Ben heads to his Medic One interview where he is forced to explain his unsanctioned field amputation to the committee. They are curious about all of his past history with extenuating circumstances. Travis takes Victoria home for the first time as they help each other with their differing situations. As he takes care of her, a knock at the door has two officers show up and arrest Travis for his bar fight. At the station, Andy and Sullivan discuss what happened as she kisses him and they embrace, but he backs out when his leg goes numb.

Captain’s Log

  • Will Ben make Medic One?
  • What will be the fallout for Andy and Sullivan?
  • Will Ryan get caught?
  • How will Travis get out of jail?
  • Will Maya’s past relationship ruin Dean’s current one?

Overall, Into the Wildfire was a great finale. The intensity of a deployment call put these characters into a situation unknown to them. Many of them were tackling personal issues from the fallout of previous events and thankfully some got some much needed optimism. With do-or-die situations, it is hard to make choices that won’t have repercussions and unfortunately some of them have to deal with those decisions. In the end, the cliffhangers for multiple characters set up a ton of Shondaverse style stories for the beginning of next season.

Score: 8.5/10

What did you think of “Into the Wildfire”? Was it a good finale? Let me know in the comments below!

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