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“Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2” starts off with the Discovery and Enterprise preparing for a fight. Their purpose is to get Burnham through the wormhole. They send out transport shuttles armed with enhanced phasers to protect her. Burnham and the various Discovery crewmembers put together the suit as she prepares for her jump. As the crew realize that they are without the help of Starfleet, Saru gives a rousing speech from Sun Tzu to his crew.

Leland contacts Discovery and demands the sphere data. While Georgiou says that he is severely outnumbered, his Section 31 ships split into much smaller ones turning the tide in his favour. Discovery and Enterprise prepare themselves as they are bombarded with torpedos. As Pike tells the shuttles to attack, he is interrupted by Po who figured out that they need to work in pairs in order to destroy the drones. With Saru unsure on what to do, Georgiou suggests they bring Leland onboard to protect the ship from being destroyed.

Pike realizes that the drones are targeting Discovery and decides to place the Enterprise between them to protect the mission. He wants them to target Leland’s ship because this drone fleet is receiving their orders directly from him. During transport of the suit, Stamets is impaled by ship debris. They take him to sick bay while Spock and Burnham take the suit and Time Crystal to the shuttle bay. Spock sets up the suit and implants the Time Crystal before Burnham enters it and prepares for her journey.

Spock decides that in order to get Burnham to her location, he will take her via shuttle and promises to return before they salute each other. The crew prepares for their big push. Spock and Burnham will head towards the wormhole location in a cocoon of shuttles. This leads to an awe-inspiring space battle sequence as the barrel of shuttles surround Burnham. They manage to get to a safe distance, but the navigational system won’t move forward into the future.

Unfortunately, they hit a snag when Leland beams aboard Discovery while their shields were down. He injures a number of crewmembers before retreating into the ship. The Enterprise has it worse when an undetonated photon torpedo lodges into their main hull. Burnham sees this and realizes that these are the events of the Time Crystal. Pike sends out Star Trek’s own R2D2s to repair the exterior of the ship while they try to disarm the torpedo from inside.

Burnham questions why she cannot pinpoint a location and thinks about why there have only been 5 signals so far. The two ships continue to take a beating when they are interrupted by a Klingon Cleaveship that has come in the nick of time along with Saru’s sister and his people. Spock realizes that with these additions to their fight that each of the signals led them to important pieces of the puzzle. They needed Reno, the Kelpiens, the Time Crystal, Po. However, they need to take a leap of faith and enter a loop to repeat the signals in the hope that it propels her into the future.

Georgiou and Nhan break into Leland’s room and engage in a firefight with him. They move throughout the ship enter Georgiou and Leland end up in Engineering. She manages to lock him in the spore drive chamber, but not for long. Well that is until she magnetizes the chamber and rips Leland/Control apart. Meanwhile, Admiral Cornwall and Number One try to override the torpedo, but its secondary detonation has been triggered and gives them about 15 minutes. They are unable to disarm the bomb and figure they are into the hail mary scenario. Cornwall tells Number One to head back to the bridge while Pike meets Cornwall. Her decision is to manual shut the blast door from the inside, sacrificing herself to save the Enterprise.

As Spock’s ship is hit, Burnham enters the wormhole and prepares to set up the signals. Burnham goes through a montage of sequences as she is pulled through time to emit the signals and Discovery’s missions are recapped. She returns to the present with the coordinates to jettison the data far enough away from Control. She decides to use the sixth signal to lead them to where she plans to go. Unfortunately, Spock’s ship is disabled and he cannot make it back to Discovery. She doesn’t want to let go of her brother and they have a touching moment.

In Med Bay, they deliver Stamets, but Tilly does not want to leave his side. Hugh takes over and admits that Stamets is his home while tending to him. His injuries are severe, but Hugh won’t give up on his family. With the ship’s systems failing and Stamets unable to help, Tilly gets them back online. Pike returns to the bridge and receives a message from Spock about being unable to head back to Discovery. Thankfully, they can beam him aboard with the new surge in power and Burnham leads them to their destination. Pike bids one last goodbye to the Discovery crew as they prepare to enter the wormhole. With Leland and Control destroyed, his ships are disabled and the remaining good guys take down the drones while watching their friend’s ship disappear.

Back on Earth, Tyler, Pike, Spock and other crewmembers explain the disappearance of Discovery. They want an explanation of an extreme energy surge, but they all corroborate the same story. With the loss of Leland and Georgiou, Tyler is offered the position of Command of Section 31. Spock wants them to eliminate any potential of Control returning and suggests that Starfleet destroy any information regarding Discovery. He wants no trace left making its history nonexistent.

Spock makes a log about the reconstruction of the Enterprise and him needing to hid his knowledge of Burnham from the world. To everyone else, she never existed, but to him she was a bigger teacher than he would ever expect. He decides it is time to remove his beard and don his iconic look as he boards the Enterprise to join Pike and Number One. They receive the location of an anomaly, the seventh signal and collectively decide to investigate its appearance, grins from ear-to-ear. Hit it.

Captain’s Log

  • What happened to Discovery?
  • How many Star Trek shows will spawn from this new franchise?
  • Is Leland technically still alive?
  • Will Pike fall to the fate of the time crystals?

Overall, Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2 was a phenomenal finale. It had emotion, it had heart and it had intensity. The special effects and action sequences are some of the best of the series delivering cinematic scenes of space. The cost of sacrifice and war is on full display here as many characters reel with their decisions and the difficult choices one must make, no matter how logical or moral they may be. This may be the end of Discovery’s second season journey, but it goes out with a bang and sets up the potential for a strong, exciting Star Trek TV universe.

What did you think of “Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2”? Was this the finale you expected? Let me know in the comments below!

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