Small town problems

DIRECTED BY: Jamie M. Dagg
WRITTEN BY: Benjamin China and Paul China
STARRING: Jon Bernthal, Christopher Abbott and Imogen Poots

SYNOPSIS: A former rodeo champ befriends a young man with a propensity for violence. (IMDB)



Sweet Virginia is a dragging dramatic thriller that doesn’t quite hit all the right notes. While the story has some missed opportunities thanks to underdeveloped characters, the interesting premise, cinematography and gripping lead performances make this film a sweet, albeit slow, burn.


1 = Fair 2 = Good 3 = Very Good 4 = Excellent

★★★★ – Premise

★★★☆ – Story

★★☆☆ – Characters

★★★☆ – Visual Effects

★★★☆ – Dialogue

★★★☆ – Visuals

★★★☆ – Soundtrack

★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 7/10 – Consider

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