The only word I can use other than random keyboard mashing is: Wow. Initially I was wondering how this show could possibly go into a second season without the characters making it the How to Dwell on Murder show. I thought what if they get rid of the students and make Annalise teach new students using real life murder scenarios to see if they are tough enough. Throw them right into the actions to see if they can save themselves. Or Bonnie leaves the firm because of her distrust of Annalise, taking Asher with her and causing tension between the now rivalling firms. However, all of those ideas are null and void now that we were brought this gloriously jaw-dropping two-hour season finale of How to Get Away with MurderPrepare yourself because this one is a doozy. Here’s ‘The Night the Lila Died’ & ‘It’s All My Fault.’

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