“We need you to save the Human race” “Alright alright alright”

DIRECTED BY: Christopher Nolan
WRITTEN BY: Christopher Nolan & Jonathan Nolan
STARRING: Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine, Jessica Chastain, Casey Affleck, Mackenzie Foy, Timothee Chalamet, John Lithgow, Matt Damon, Wes Bentley, David Gyasi, Bill Irwin, Josh Stewart, Topher Grace & Ellen Burstyn

SYNOPSIS: A group of explorers embark on an interstellar voyage through a newly discovered wormhole to seek habitable planets that will help save the human race.


Bits I Loved

  • The premise of Interstellar, despite the general consensus, is rather meticulously thought out, particularly the scientific reasoning put into this world that Nolan created. If the spectator removes themselves from the inability to look beyond the realm of reality to the potential realities of the future then this premise really is something believable.
  • The script takes the premise and creates an unbelievably strong story using Nolan’s ability to deeply immerse the audience in his world while quickly getting us emotionally invested in his characters.
  • The cinematography is absolutely breathtaking. All the shots in space were mesmerizing. The beauty that Nolan was able to create brought thoughts of 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • The all star cast is unbelievable. Matthew McConaughey delivers the best performance of his career, encapsulating the emotion of a father forced to leave his children for the greater good who is constantly haunted by his decisions. Anne Hathaway delivers a good performance as well. However -see bits I hated-
  • Because of the great performances the film goes beyond being a science fiction epic, bringing the audience on an emotional ride with these characters we’ve quickly grown to love.
  • Mixed feelings on the sound mixing. The positive is the realistic use of sound within the confines of space with the fact that there actually isn’t any. However -see bits I hated-
  • The score by Hans Zimmer is eerie, setting the mood perfectly. Makes the silent shots in space feel more and more like 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • The themes are explored sufficiently throughout the film, but the thought-provoking plot should have dug deeper into what it means to be human. It is obviously shown through the different characters’ takes on survival (Cooper, Mann and Brand), which relates to how different humans perceive how survival will be achieved.
  • Matt Damon‘s character brings a contrast to Matthew McConaughey that helps build tension in an increasingly impossible mission. I felt that if Damon‘s character was explored further he could have given an Oscar-worthy performance for the desperate, space dementia-suffering Dr. Mann.

Bits I Hated

  • The dialogue is a bit choppy with some lines feeling a bit unnatural for the characters to say. Some characters seem to need more information on topics they should already have been versed in.
  • Although the cast was star-studded, a number of the actors were used insufficiently for their talents. Jessica Chastain got to explore her character’s relationship with Cooper, but Casey Affleck seemed to be more of a plot device for both McConaughey and Chastain. Anne Hathaway and Michael Caine also were unable to fully show their characters, but it was enough to invest the audience in their story.
  • The sound mixing was less than satisfactory in some scenes where dialogue was overpowered by effects and the music making it hard to understand what the characters were saying.


Interstellar is a sublime science fiction spectacle focused on the themes of humanity and survival. The cast is led by a standout performance Matthew McConaughey as Cooper, an engineer-turned-ex-pilot-turned-farmer-turned-astronaut, that deals with the struggles of leaving his family to save humanity.  A surprising amount of emotion in this film as the characters deal with humanity, survival and loss.

The film was a bit disappointing with some occasional choppy, unnatural dialogue and underdeveloped characters, but the biggest concern was that of subpar sound mixing. A number of scenes had dialogue that was overpowered by effects and the music making it hard to understand what the characters were saying. Due to this it would be a travesty for this film to win the Oscar for Best Sound Mixing.

Interstellar is a thought-provoking, intellectually-stimulating story that uses a meticulous eye for scientific detail to depict worlds and concepts we have only dreamt of. Christopher Nolan creates a visual masterpiece reminiscent of 2001: A Space Odyssey with its absolutely breathtaking cinematography mixed to an eerily quiet soundtrack to encompass the vast beauty of space. Although it has underdeveloped characters and somewhat subpar sound mixing, the overall film is an entertaining thrill ride into the deep, unknown parts of space.  This is definitely a film to see in theatres to fully immerse yourself in the Nolan experience. Not the space movie we deserved, but the space movie we needed. Nothing less than an Interstellar night.

Oscar Nominations?

  • Best Picture (Likely)
  • Best Director – Christopher Nolan (Likely)
  • Best Leading Actor – Matthew McConaughey (Darkhorse)
  • Best Leading Actress – Anne Hathaway (Darkhorse)
  • Best Supporting Actress – Jessica Chastain (Darkhorse)
  • Best Cinematography (Guaranteed)
  • Best Editing (Guaranteed)
  • Best Original Score (Guaranteed)
  • Best Production Design (Guaranteed)
  • Best Sound Editing (Guaranteed)
  • Best Sound Mixing (Likely) [Shouldn’t win]
  • Best Visual Effects (Guaranteed)
  • Best Original Screenplay (Likely)


1 = Fair 2 = Good 3 = Very Good 4 = Excellent

★★★★ – Premise

★★★★ – Story

★★★☆ – Characters

★★★★ – Visual Effects

★★★☆ – Dialogue

★★★★ – Visuals

★★★★ – Soundtrack

★★★★★★★★★☆  9/10 – Recommend

What did you think of Interstellar? Let me know in the comments!

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