Scandal 04×04 ‘Like Father, Like Daughter’: You get one free pass

A couple reunites (sort of) and a murder is solved. God this really felt like an episode ofHow To Get Away With Murder. Everything I had to complain about in last week’s “Inside the Bubble” from the slower stories, less intensity and boring politics were not present this week. Instead Scandal brought what we love about the show: drama, conspiracies and of course, juicy scandals! Finally, we have an honest to god scandal on our hands, and this one is definitely a biggie. Who would have thought that this episode, given its title, wasn’t going to be surrounding the relationship of Olivia and her father. Let’s get to it, onto “Like Father, Like Daughter!” Read the rest at…

Person of Interest 04×04 ‘Brotherhood’: They call him Mini cuz he’s big

Person Of Interest avoids the Samaritan storyline for the second straight week to focus on the emerging secondary antagonist of season four. In past seasons Team Machine has had to deal with their fair share of villains. Between HR and the ISA or Vigilance and Decima Team Machine has always had two adversaries at both the localized and global levels. However, with the fall of Vigilance at the end of season three the only threat left standing was that of Decima’s Samaritan, leaving a gaping hole in the local villain department so sooner or later that hole was going to be filled. That is just what this episode does re-introducing us to the gang from this season’s premiere “Panopticon.” Let’s jump into “Brotherhood.” Read the rest at…

Hawaii Five-0 05×03 ‘Kanalu Hope Loa’: “Where’s the brains?”

This week’s episode of Hawaii Five-0 revolves around a robbery turned murder when a trio of women, who have made a name for themselves holding up tour busses, end up killing a man who isn’t prepared to give up his belongings. Meanwhile Danny is continuing to dig into the trouble his brother Matthew has gotten into. Mixed feelings on this episode as it gives us more of the high intensity Five-0 action we love, with a spotlight on Kono this week, but again we are robbed of the McDanno banter we love. This murder is filled with twists and turns, and Five-0 is on the case in “Kanalu Hope Loa.” Read the rest at…

Scandal 04×03 ‘Inside the Bubble’: The truth comes out

Three episodes into season four of Scandaland the show has found some regularity in its story telling, but unfortunately that coincides with the lacklustre drama and intensity present in last week’s “The State of the Union.” However, it isn’t fair to compare last season’s constantly intense story with its aftermath and I’m sure that these slower paced episodes are just building the intensity up until all of the stories culminate. It doesn’t help that the White House is focused more on actual governing rather than affairs and assassinations. The latter makes for way more dramatic TV! Let’s get to it, onto “Inside the Bubble!” Read the rest at…

Person of Interest 04×03 ‘Wingman’: Haaaaave you met Lionel?

Person Of Interest backs off on the war with Samaritan in order to focus on a case of the week, with a lighter toned Fusco-centric story. Yay! Knew that sooner or later Fusco would be featured with his lack of screen time in “Panopticon” and “Nautilus.” Regardless the episode still brings some underlying plot progression for the main story this season- Reese learns how to properly work his cover job, Fusco explores the world of dating and Finch receives a gift from The Machine. Let’s jump into “Wingman.” Read the rest at…

REVIEW: Sex Tape

A long Apple commercial gone wrong

DIRECTED BY: Jake Kasdan
WRITTEN BY: Kate Angelo, Jason Segel & Nicholas Stoller
STARRING: Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel, Rob Corddry, Ellie Kemper & Rob Lowe

SYNOPSIS: A married couple try to rediscover their sex life by video taping themselves, but the file is uploaded the Cloud causing it to sync to the devices of their friends and family. The couple must go on a frantic search to destroy every last copy before anyone sees their Sex Tape.


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Hawaii Five-0 05×02 ‘Ka Makuakane’: Kidnappings, kidnappings everywhere!

This week’s episode of Hawaii Five-0 revolves around the kidnapping of young girl, who happens to be the daughter of a deployed Navy SEAL. Although this episode does not seem as intense as the season five premiere, it had the potential to have a very emotional storyline with the case pulling on the heart strings of both the overprotective father Danny and patriotic ex-SEAL Steve. However, the Five-0 team seems to take a back seat in this one, which is a wasted opportunity to create a highly intense investigation. Regardless this episode gives us our fill of McDanno banter, action and plot twists. A kidnapping is intense, no matter how you spin it, and Five-0 is on the case in “Ka Makuakane.” Read the rest at…