REVIEW: Divergent

Divergent is a predictable dystopian science fiction that continues with the formulaic Chosen One theme seen in many book adaptations in the last decade. An interesting premise backed by strong performances by Shailene Woodley, Theo James and Kate Winslet. However this repetitive story makes the choice to watch the trilogy a little bit cloudy.

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Selfie 01×01 ‘Pilot’: Blow out the curls, push up the girls

Although Selfie is not one the most anticipated premiere this fall season I have been fairly excited for its release. Between its Suburgatory creators and the stars Karen Gillan and John Cho this show brings another new-age, single-camera, familyless comedy to the fall lineup.

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REVIEW: The Monuments Men

The Monuments Men is a star-studded war film, without the action of war, that centres on a very under-looked issue during WWII. Although the cast is impressive, the characters are never fully developed and the uneven, slacky narrative affects the strength of the attempted dramatic tension. The highlight of the film is the nostalgia induced by the soundtrack, remnant of the great war films of the past.

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